Alice's CD

Photo:five_miles_out_of_town Alice created a fine CD with funding assistance through an Iowa Arts Council grant. Released mid-summer 2006, she invited many folks that she's been playing music with in recent years to be a part of this project, including members of The Barn Owl Band and Slow Poke. A number of tracks are Alice's own songwriting as well as several great songs written by Rick Exner.

"I wanted to make an album of the songs that I loved, that wasn't about a band, or a style, but what I want to say as a person, as a musician. I wanted to capture what I love about music and life in Iowa."

Track List:

1. don't you ever learn porch stompers/mcgary
2. little rabbit porch stompers/trad
3. the garden's gone to seed porch stompers/exner
4. fleur de lis barn owl band/shindell
5. the cricket song mcgary
6. five miles out of town / dry and dusty porch stompers/trad 565k
7. lonesome luddite slow poke/mcgary
8. ashes mcgary 1200k
9. gee it's pretty up here porch stompers/exner 1485k
10. best i can do slow poke/mcgary 783k
11. fireflies mcgary
12. the vulture song slow poke/mcgary 797k
13. apple 2-step porch stompers/exner
14. you gotta quit kickin my dog around /
sadie's in the kitchen
porch stompers/trad

15. the seed song slow poke/mcgary
16. bread and butter slow poke/mcgary

Liner note corrections:

Do contact us and we'll be happy to get a copy to you if you so desire. Alice says they're also available at:

Little Bookroom
328 Main St
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: (515) 233-2126